Children’s Program on Saturday!

On Saturday, kids ages 5 to 11 are invited to join us for an exciting adventure. Time Lab – Discovering Jesus from Eternity Past to Eternity Future.

A Time Lab! Wouldn’t it be amazing to witness and explore great events in history? How about meeting heroes of the faith like Abraham, Moses or Gideon? Or seeing famous inventors make discoveries that change the world?

But the best is traveling through time to meet the most important man ever – who was not just a man, but also God. Who turned the world upside down and exists outside of time.

Five words beginning with “C” will help the kids remember that Jesus, our forever faithful, loving, caring, promise-keeping Lord has been and is with us always. Come learn about Creation, Christophany, Cross, Clouds and Crown. Excitement will be running high. And you won’t want to miss the suspenseful, exciting Radio Drama! See all you kids on Saturday 🙂!